Benefits of Bing Ads - April 2013

The Internet is one of the most used marketing strategies today. The Internet has boosted companies marketing strategies by creating ads that connect businesses with potential customers based on the customers direct search for needs. Many search engines and Internet businesses are reaching out to these businesses and offering them the best options to advertise their business. Bing Ads is a perfect example of one of those businesses assisting businesses in their marketing needs.

One of the benefits Bing Ads is the potential to extend your reach. Bing Ads sends your ads to millions of people across the globe. Marketing online assists businesses in bringing in new customers and using a company that has a large span of users opens up new doors for your business. These open doors help you achieve your business goals and begin your businesses growth process.

Many businesses avoid using other companies to advertise their business because they believe it can be costly. Bing Ads offers businesses the option to control the costs that they pay. This method is called pay-by-click. When a business advertises using a pay by click method, they only pay for the advertisement, every time a prospective customer clicks on their advertisement. This is beneficial for business because you are paying money out every time you get the opportunity to make money.

Many businesses already use Google because it is the most popular search engine. However, many businesses can benefit from creating advertisements with different search engines because the reach of potential customers is different for each engine. If your business already uses Google Ads, there is no need to create a whole new domain, just simply transfer your Google campaign to Bing for a simple advertising process.

It can be stressful trying to manage online advertisements by going through different websites. Bing Ads offer businesses to manage their ads all in one location. Not only should your business reach out to thousands of customers, but also it should be simple to do with no hassle or stresses. Bing Ads will give your business its own space to customize and control your advertisements.

One of the final benefits of using Bing Ads is their price. Bing Ads is cost effective and helps your business save money on your advertising costs. Their pay-by-click option is only a few of the financing options that offer. Even with the different Ad prices, they are still saving businesses money that are switching from their competitors.

Internet Marketing has benefited businesses that advertise on the Internet by increasing their client base and greatly improving their profits. Millions of people use the Internet every day. By reaching out to these people through the Internet, you are attempting to expand your client base and build relationships with new customers by meeting their product and service needs. All businesses should consider using Bing Ads and other search engine services that already have a large user database and are willing to make their customers, your customers.

A History of Web Design - Feb 2013

The Internet hasn't been around long, but it's changed quite a bit in the time it has. What we call the Internet properly dates back to the 1960s, but the first web page isn't thought to have been published until sometime in 1981. This site would not have been accessible to the general public, however, as the first commercial browser, Mosaic, wasn't released until the early 1990s.

With the ability to access the Internet came the need for ways to make its pages more and more appealing. In order to facilitate this, Tim Berners invented HTML in 1994. At first, HTML only allowed very basic layout manipulation. Designers could put a paragraph here and a header there, but the complex Flash animations and columnar designs of today were rare.

With the introduction of the Netscape browser in late 1994, web design got a big boost. Netscape offered designers a wide range of custom tags that they jumped to take advantage of. The following year saw the birth of HTML 3, a powerful form of HTML that gave designers the ability to create complex layouts with tables and decorate them with Cascading Style Sheets, known as CSS.

Things evolved rapidly from then, giving rise to the full range of tools web designers today enjoy. These include more advanced HTML and CSS (today's versions are HTML5 and CSS 3), as well as portable scripting languages like Javascript, advanced markup through XML, and the ability to incorporate complex graphics with Flash.

About our great City of Cambridge - Jan 2013

The City of Cambridge is a classic city in the United Kingdom and a popular tourist destination. Home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities - the University of Cambridge, it's widely known to be an important intellectual watering hole for Europe and indeed the world. The University is home to several sites of interest. These include the famous King's College Cambridge, Cavendish laboratory, and Cambridge University library. On top of its academic presence, Cambridge is the seat of the United Kingdom's own Silicon Fen, a high-tech development sector not unlike the United States' Silicon Valley. Companies such as Iphone chip maker ARM can be found there.

Aside from the University, Cambridge is known for its stunning natural beauty. Like Oxford, the university campus is well decorated, with gorgeous gardens and stunning architecture dating back several centuries. Cambridge is also home to a dedicated and serious football fandom. It's home to Cambridge United F.C., who played in the Football league at Abbey stadium for some three and a half decades. The city also houses a cricket league and was used for a good number of first-class cricket matches in the late nineteenth century. Rugby is another popular pastime in Cambridge as are watersports and the classical contests the university hosts against its long-standing rival, Oxford.

Cambridge is known to be both busy and quiet, if you know where to go. It's popular for students, tourists, and as a permanent residence. For anyone interested in a place that's historically and currently significant, Cambridge is a great place to be.

The City of Cambridge is an important city with quite a bit of history. Cambridge is located about 60 miles north of London, and is most famous both within the UK and without for it's university, which was founded in the 1100's by disaffected scholars previously working at Oxford University. The university is home to several historical buildings, amongst them Peterhouse, the oldest college of the institution; and St John's College, the oldest building on the campus.

Cambridge is always a nice city, but the best time of year to see it is early June. Students are done with exams by this point, and tourists can enjoy their various antics, which include open-air drama and Shakespeare recitals, rowing on the river Cam, orchestral recitals, and parties, the most famous of which are the May Balls. Weather in June is also beautiful, making the campus itself even more of a majestic site to enjoy for tourists on foot.

And most everyone in Cambridge does opt to go on foot. Travel by car is difficult, as there are relatively few paved roads for motor vehicles since the town is so small, which makes navigation difficult. Buses do run to take tourists throughout the city, but walking and bicycling are the most popular modes of transportation. Either way of getting around brings you that much closer to the natural beauty of the city, and having the ability to simply step off the side of the road and lay on the grass is well worth the extra effort of biking and walking around.

5 great reasons to use Cookied as your Web Designers - Dec 2012

A bit of self promotion, but hey ho!

Your website will work as a 24 hour 365 day on-line sales tool, generating business and leads for your company. It's therefore imperative that you choose a suitable and competent website designer, who will be able to create a completely bespoke internet presence to demonstrate the strengths of your business.

Reason number one - Professional Design

The most obvious reason for hiring a professional, experienced website designer is that they have technical expertise to create a beautiful and well designed website. When a visitor lands on your homepage you have seconds to make a great first impression, so they will stay and browse the rest of your website. Cookied will take all of your ideas into consideration, while also incorporating their own ideas, to create a beautiful, sleek and completely unique website.

Reason number two - Special Features

A good website design company will incorporate special features into your website, such as forums and applications to make your website better, more modern, usable and interactive for potential customers. Here at Cookeid we make sure your USp's and call to actiosn are also prominent.

Reason number three - Embedded Marketing techniques

Social networks such as facebook, twitter and Pinterest play a huge role in marketing your business, Cookeid will integrate all of your social networking tools such as Twitter feeds, Facebook likes to be easily shared across a number of social networking platforms.

Reason number four - Search Engine Ranking

A real big one this. Cookied use special proven techniques to rank your website in a search engine friendly way. This makes it rank well in search engine results, meaning more traffic to your site. After all you could have the best website in the world but if no-one can find it you won't get any business!

Reason number five - Save Time

A great website design company like Cookied will save you time and hassle of having to build your own website from scratch, not to mention the improvements in quality

School secuirty in the homes counties

Schools and education places need unique security systems as their needs differ from other businesses. Educational establishments are often targeted by vandals and are vulnerable to theft and other criminal activities. Metalwood are specialists in the school security market and offer a range of customised school solutions using some or all of the following: Closed Circuit TV, automated gates, bollards, access control and more to ensure your school is protected and doesn't become a victim of crime. Their school security services helps to reduce crime, unwanted behaviour, unauthorised absence and bullying whilst creating a safe, secure and welcoming workplace. To discuss your schools requirements in more depth, please either contact Metalwood or call us on 01727 861141.